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Oct 10, 2014

Street Style, The All Black Style

Street Style, The All Black Style


The winter is coming and my favourite colour black is back in trend. It’s getting colder quicker than we expected so keeping warm but looking cool at the same time is easy done. Wearing a shirt with a jumper over is the best way to layer up. I was inspired by the whole grungie Givenchy look so this why I suck with the black but you can always mixed colours if your brave enough.

Everything is…

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Oct 8, 2014

Street style, The City Chic

Street style, The City Chic

It’s very difficult to know what to wear on a city break. As I visited Stockholm Sweden to see UFC Nelson VS Story. So packing on a short weekend is hard to know. All I brought was black and white items.


My white coat is an oversized boyfriend, which goes with everything that I brought. The Stockholm style is very effortless style. They make everything so cool without trying. I wore this orange…

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Sep 27, 2014

Balenciaga Runway PFW


Alexander Wang is just a designer genius in my eyes and Balenciaga is no different. In opinion I think from just looking at the runway Balenciaga is very much for the younger crowd. If I could afford I would definitely be happy to wear it. Everything is to show off you figure. You wear these for a high end elegant dinner or fancy party. I don’t know if I would wear these outfits to everyday.



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Sep 24, 2014

SportsWear/ Gym Style

For people I think it’s hard to know what to wear at the gym or just going for a run etc. I’m not sure you have to wear glamours clothes and hair/makeup done, I’m not into that but you want to look a bit done up. However it’s hard enough to go to the gym to just going on a walk outside so if you to do all that than go for it!!!!

Places to go for good training clothes are:
Forever21, great colours…

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Sep 22, 2014 / 1 note

Gemma Ward is Back!!!

Gemma Ward is Back!!!

imageAfter making her come back with a BANG with time off. The Australian beauty called Gemma Ward is BACK!!! She called the alien/doll face beauty which I don’t blame them. For me that’s such a complaint, I love these weird but unique. She was the first face for Prada. She been gone for a couple of years but she hasn’t aged. People think pharrell is a vampire but have they seen Gemma!!! Either that…

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Sep 18, 2014

My Street Style


This time of year is so awkward to know what to wear. Either it’s too hot or too cold. So this type of outfit is perfect for this time of year. The boyfriend coat is all in trend for Autumn and Winter. If your buying a coat for this year my opinion buy a grey or grey with some plead detail.

They go with everything, I’m usually wearing black but the grey is braking it up so if you like you dark…

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Sep 15, 2014

House of Holland S/S15

House of Holland S/S15

Who doesn’t love the 90s from Friends, Winona Ryder to Nirvana. The 90s were the times times and the style is still around Thanks to people like Gwen Stefani, Charili XCX and of course Henry Holland.

I’m obsessed with him. I met him once in a store in Dublin called BT2 and he was the nicest person ever!!! So down to earth, I always look forward to his collection. I always save up and buy…

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Sep 11, 2014

Michael Kors SS15

Michael Kors is making chic cool again. Every year we always look forward to the unique designs of Jeremy Scott and Elle Saab. However you say you love the outfits but would you be able to wear the clothing or can you afford it??  Michael Kors designs I look at them and be able to picture myself wear each and every outfit.

image image

Michael Kors is always very easy wear, sports, chic style. This year is…

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Sep 10, 2014 / 1 note

Rihanna Tush Magazine Cover/Photoshoot




Taking a break from NYFW with this blog and just focusing on #Rihanna. Lately with Rihanna’s photoshoots they have made her real exotic looking, by the styling and makeup/hair. The first thing that caught my eye was Rihanna’s hair. I know it’s a wig or something but how amazing does it look on her. Or is it just me???

Is there anything that doesn’t suit this women. To have long ice blonde hair…

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Sep 9, 2014

Tommy Hilfiger S/S15 the Best Show of NYFW

There is no words to describe how much I LOOOOOOOVE this runway!!!  Tommy Hilfiger has always been my favourite for both season but this is just breathe taking me.  Very outfit, very model and the makeup/hair is 100% cool.

image image image image image  

The collection remembers me of the Rolling Stones, hippie chic and 60s glam all in one. I love how Georgia May Jagger opened the show, her dad be proved ahaha. Even…

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